Friday, March 25, 2011

plumbing & marriage

my sweetie has been working on the plumbing for the last five hours. if i hear the word "stem" or "pressure" or "ring" or whatever, one more time i will lose it.
so i took a breathe, tried to let go of my frustration of being "water free" for the evening, and decided i would be a helper. after several, "hand me this" and "i need that" i thought i was doing a pretty good job. then he asked me to run out and turn on the water at the main. did i mention snakes like to live in our water main? yep, there were three in there...i'm not THAT great of a helper. so yet another reason why i am glad to have the cliffy...he braves plumbing disasters AND snakes..and doesn't even get mad when his helper goes missing to write a silly post about it! ;)