Tuesday, April 26, 2011

good friday indeed.

we headed to popa and dotdot's on friday to have a bit of easter early. these two sure do like each other...

the easter bunny had stopped by and set up an elaborate scheme of string throughout the house. vivian and bauer had to follow the trail and wind up all the yarn...

it was SOO much yarn, that sometimes it required a little help! ;)

finally at the end were these AWESOME easter buckets.

filled with eggs, a wii game, superman, and lalaloopsy clothes.

frances even got a sweet grandma to go with her new dollhouse...how does that easter bunny know?!


CathyBB said...

1. Despite the lack of text updates, AHEM... I presume these posts mean you made it through the storms okay!

2. Hypothermia warning!!!! Sleeveless tops in April? (Aside from our April 2007, anyway)

3. Dottie is a brave, brave woman... but the string is SO cool!

4. Frances... walking, long hair, superior pincer grasp... we are so in for a shock! =)