Thursday, April 21, 2011

easter cookies

this little girl sure does look serious.

and, for some reason, so does this little boy...hmmm...

ahhh...COOKIES!! this year we decided to decorate cookies instead of eggs. (less mess, and more likely to be eaten by children!)

vivian liked the new tradition.

bauer decided take it to the next level and give his creation a taste...


"i love it mommy...YOU try it."

ummm....yeah...that's...well, interesting.

"here daddy, try mine!"

oh yeah....mommy, was right. those are definitely very interesting! ;) i guess it is a good thing they are cute (the cookies and the kids, that is).


Jill said...

Now that's a tradition I could get on board with!!! Fun!

CathyBB said...

I love this!

It's flashback day for me so I'm getting all weepy over here (what else is new?). I totally needed the crack-up over the mommy/daddy photos. You guys rock. =)

jenny said...

those cookies look delicious! why the funny faces!!

Susan said...

Sugar overload. The first of many!