Monday, May 16, 2011

lucky mommy

every once in a while there is a moment with your child that you want to burn into your memory forever. thursday was such a day. after a long morning at the jumpers, and a picnic, we headed home to lay frances down and have some quite time. imagine my surprise when my almost four year old came and crawled in my lap and started gently petting my cheek. we talked for just a few minutes and then he said, "i love you pretty mommy" and nuzzled into my chest.

and that was it. he was out. just like when he was a baby. (luckily i had the camera sitting on my bedside table.) i knew i should take advantage of this child free time and do laundry, start dinner, etc....but i also knew this was a very rare occurrence. my sweet rambunctious boy doesn't sit still often. so i just sat, quietly holding that boy, and thanking god that underneath all that big boy exterior, he is STILL my baby.


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