Monday, May 16, 2011

our family zoo

because we were unable to head to the zoo on friday, we decided to go on saturday. this meant we could have a very special guest....DADDY! the kids were so excited (as was i)...and what better time to debut our first photo of our family of five at the zoo!! :)

of course this was also daddy's first chance to see the penguins.

b very sweetly taught daddy all about the different penguins.

while vivian demonstrated how some penguins are as big as kids.

it was unusually chilly for may, so our sweet baby f just wanted her mommy. (which i didn't mind.)

and speaking of babies and their mommies, look who has lots of new babies...the groundhog family! they are SO cute. and speaking of families...sometimes in the animal kingdom life is so very reflective of human life.

take for instance the brother and sister gorilla.