Tuesday, July 12, 2011

dallas vaca: american girl store

after much debate, we finally decided it was time for a very special trip within our trip. vivian had been saving her pennies (literally, folks, we pay her in pennies) for quite some time, and after we emptied her piggy bank and had a few BIG discussions (one involving an advance in birthday money from popa)...we were off to the american girl store!

after pouring over the catalogs for more than six months, vivian new EXACTLY which doll she wanted (although her evil mother made her walk the entire store twice before i would let her choose). but in the end, julie, the girl of the year from 1973, was the pick.

here vivian is handing over the big $100....i don't think i smile as big when i spend that much. ;)

but i might if i knew it was gonna make this girl that happy!!

of course big cousin natalie was there to enjoy the moment.

and mommy was there to capture the two new best friends later that very night. :)


The Walkers said...

Love Julie and love that sweet V smile!!! Totally worth it!

CathyBB said...

We are so glad we got to be there! =)