Tuesday, July 12, 2011

dallas vaca: day four

wow...and i never said i'd have four kids. ;) after a quick breakfast at the crowne, and OF COURSE a few pictures...

we headed to the nature science museum. (in NO order what-so-ever...)

vivian at the water tables.

miss f and luke.

big b with big big duck.

v digging for fossils.

bauer and luke hunt for shark teeth.

since luke is now taller than me (ahem...) he was able to be the bubble maker.

the king.

i still love these cool hot air balloons.

one of the many dinosaurs.

frances exploring.

my all-time favorite picture of the whole trip!!!

fireman bauer.

the crew and t-rex.

and rebuilding t-rex's foot.

evolution of dinosaur to bird (very very cool)

yeah....me too, frances...only daddy can't carry me on his back while i nap...sigh.

okay, you know i had to TRY the bubble thing...i still got the moves, just fyi.

big b in big hand chair.

miss f awake and loving all the attention.

um, yeah, still loving it.

exploring the grounds on the way to the children's aquarium.

silly bauer.

nick being amazed, maybe at the creature, maybe at the fact he was allowed to touch all of them. ;)

touching away.
after a very LONG morning we headed back to the hotel for a refreshing nap and swim.

miss v has really turned into quite a fish.

sweet daddy loving his sweet baby. (and coincidentally, this is where the "fish gene" comes from and yes, it IS dominant!!)

silly frances.

trio of trouble.

big ball, little baby.

yeah, still crazy baby.

next we cleaned up for one last picture and, oh yeah, dinner.

and can you believe afterward these girls still had the energy to play? alas, their mothers didn't which is why there aren't pictures. ;)


CathyBB said...

Oh my gosh... I'm tired all over again just looking at these pictures. That's the night they went to the playland, too - how on earth did we do all of that?