Saturday, August 27, 2011

big bauer's big birthday adventure

a certain little boy will be four on tuesday....yep, our big man b!!! to celebrate we decided to have his best buddy, trip, spend the night. but before we could embark upon our all-things-dude adventure...we met up with aunt kaylynn so that vivian could have an all-things-sparkly-and girly adventure for HER birthday (yes, it's just around the corner, too)!!

i think she was a bit excited, no? ;)

and speaking of excited...our first stop for bbbba? chuck e. cheese. (lord help me.)

they. had. a. BLAST!!! i, nor the camera, could keep up.

next it was a little dinner at gadwall's with a very special birthday cupcake. the sweet birthday boy's reply, "thanks guys!!" :)

i do believe they loved the icing most!

but know what causes even more excitement amongst four year olds?!

a brand new captain america costume!!

what a great start to being FOUR! :)


CathyBB said...

Oh SUCH a cool birthday! Yayyyyyyy B! =)