Friday, August 26, 2011

week in review

one of these pretty girls started her second week of kindergarten...the other one, well she had a busy week too! ;)

we started the week with a photo shoot. we are working on a special project for someone's birthday. i do believe this little girl has got the smile on cue down pat.

later in the week, as this knee socked cutie headed out the door...

the littles and i headed downtown to the rivermarket to meet friends. while we were there we roamed the farmer's market and picked up some fresh peaches and tomatoes. and soon after, we were ready for our fun adventure at the game and fish museum.

bauer really loved the oars,

and even though this picture is blurry, i think you can tell someone else did too!

because the temps had reached near 100 we thought it might be a good idea to finish our day at the splash park. frances dove right in and LOVED it.

and even though it took hersh a few minutes, he was having a blast too!!

i just love this really sums up these two: always in motion!!

and do you remember bauer boxer? well...he's back. punching away at the water....what to do with that child?! :)


CathyBB said...

Oh my gosh Natalie and I were just talking up the Game & Fish Commission to someone YESTERDAY! =)