Thursday, August 18, 2011

boxer bauer

we briefly interrupt this first week of kindergarten to bring you....boxer bauer. wednesday afternoon, bauer was very very tired, and after several attempts at talking him out of a bad mood i simply sent him to his room to work it out himself. and this is what emerged...

just so you know...that is a polo sweater vest (backwards), his sister's uniform under shorts, grey church socks, and a pair of thick mittens....which are OBVIOUSLY his boxing gloves!! he even swiped the three foot bolster pillow off our bed to act as his punching bag. (which our friend, who is a father of three boys himself, kindly offered to hold.)

i probably should have been mad...but with this sweet face and his flair for creativity...i have to admit...i was IMPRESSED!!


CathyBB said...

Oh dear... too cute to be mad at. Just don't ever let him figure that out! ;)