Saturday, September 17, 2011

my man b

this is my guy.

and this weekend he has been sick.

but between the loads of vomit laundry, cold rags for fever, sippies of "gatormade", and medicine...there have been some of the best moments in recent memory.

after 36 hours of mommy cuddles, a little help from our favorite caped crusaders (movie, circa 1966), a few of our favorite books, quilts, and the handy iphone...

b went from a very sick little man to our sweet smiling boy.

yep....our sweet silly smiling boy.

and i know that in a mere 24 hours he won't remember NEEDING me, and wanting me to not leave his sight for a second.

but i can guarantee you this...momma will remember.


Jill said...

Hope your sweet boy gets to feeling better real soon!

CathyBB said...

Sheesh he's adorable sick, too! Glad he's on the upswing!