Sunday, October 2, 2011

facebook killed the blogging star

i'm just saying...that's all. once i load it onto the computer and post it to a social media, it's totally dropped from my radar. and because the blog is for my family, and our memories...well...i just gotta get focused! ;)

i mean what if i forgot to take note of these cuties enjoying some yummy breakfast before school?!

or the amazing surprise that came all the way from nebraska coutesy of bobbie? can you believe julie's uniform matches vivian's EXACTLY?! down to the buttons and pockets!

or a super fun day spent with cousin jackson.

how about our favorite cheerleader at soccer?

or this? yeah...i'm not sure what exactly this is....but clif and i have a rule that they are NOT allowed to sleep on the floor. i must say, technically this isn't the floor. ;)


CathyBB said...

So about the Vivian clone... and no, I don't mean the doll. I mean her ever-growing "baby" sister!!!! Wow!