Saturday, December 10, 2011

"this is the life"

after the museum we decided to head outdoors and enjoy the gorgeous (albeit cold) weather.

whew...glad to be free of that stroller!

trio of trouble.

big kids had a blast running and rolling down the hills.

frances even gave it a go a time or two.

vivian wanted to take a pic with the new camera.

but soon the balance beam called and she was off again.

after all that playing what better way to end the afternoon than with a yummy late lunch at flying fish.

it was then that our sweet boy, as he enjoyed his fried oysters and fish, summed up our entire day...."this is the life." sure is.


CathyBB said...

I always thought Bauer is brilliant.

CathyBB said...

But your hills look funny compared to our Saturday outside... like something is missing... hmmm... I'll let you know if I recall what it is.