Saturday, December 10, 2011

lego my saturday

hmmmm....what to do on this gorgeous saturday??? i KNOW...go to the clinton libray and see the "art of the brick" exhibit.

nathan sawaya is the artist and i must admit it was really very cool.

trust me...even this one liked it (regardless of what this picture says!).

the boys thought it was funny to mimic some of the legomen. here bauer is trying to "take my head off".

and clif is lifting the dark cloud...

my favorite though, might be vivian playing peekaboo with this guy

she, of course, loved the kitten.

there were also lots of other cool things. a story book coming to life...

multiple skulls.

mt. rushmore.

and last but not least...a razorback.

since we were there we decided to check out the rest of the library. the oval office was a hit.

and vivian got right to work in the cabinet room.

but sweet frances was a bit first the zipper held her attention. fascinating.

but then i caught her doing this and i knew it was time to head to the park.

however, we did get one last picture by one of the cool trees before we were off to our next destination...


CathyBB said...

1. I called to the Benderlings that there were Day photos... and then had to worry that the staircase would collapse as they thundered to the computer. =)

2. Much shrieking (from all four of us) over Nathan Sawaya's work - we know that! The storybook is my favorite new item - SO cool.

3. Nick's fave is the hog. Saw that coming.

4. Natalie says Vivian looks so grown up!

5. Luke says tell them all we miss them. =)