Tuesday, January 10, 2012

this IS the life

what in the world have we been up to?!

i seriously have no earthly idea! christmas break was a blur. we spent time with family, feasted on yummy food, traveled a bit, played outside, stayed up late, watched movies, slept in, etc...but now it is time to get back into the routine and head back to work\school. but not before i post one last glimpse of our break. not anything earth shattering, just some lovely times i want to remember...

like me practicing with the new zoom lens on the camera. trying to sneak up on the kids...and them laughing hysterically when they caught me.

or how excited bauer was for the razorbacks to play in the cotton bowl. he wore his uniform all that day and when prompted to show how a razorback plays football would strike this fierce pose.

on a much sweeter note, a few days after new years he brought me this.

a chocolate donut covered with a mini airhead and a gummy bear. hmmm....i asked "what is it?" his reply, "baby jesus just borned in his blanket in his baby crib."

and my sweet big girl vivian...how big she is getting!! i found her downstairs quietly working on her drawing skills....SO SO proud of that talented girl.

and a very rare but beautiful appearance by miss josie. i promise you we must have the best luck with dogs. diagnosed with cancer four years ago (it's just a tumor on her leg about the size of a golf ball) she is still going strong!

like i said...not much earth shattering going on here...just enjoying the days with our day's. as b likes to say, "this IS the life!"


CathyBB said...

Hi from Natalie! She says, "Can't wait to see you."

Su said...

Curious. Did you eat Bauer's treat? If so, did you go into diabetic comma? Sweet intentions.

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