Saturday, December 31, 2011

matching cousins or six just ain't gonna happen.

as a christmas gift, gege found matching outfits for all six grandkids.

let the photo session begin, eh? well here is the deal. i have yet to take a picture of six kids that i thought was worthy of printing. i figure i need to give it about another five years and then i might have a sporting chance. ha! so i thought why not use this opportunity to at least practice individual shots.

always the ham, and ever photogenic, setler 4 1/2.

a failed attempt at six, at least they are all happy, right?

spunky funny frances at 21 months.

sweet and very serious about her swinging, daylee at 19 months.

giggly oldest grandchild, vivian 6.

wild but kind, bauer 4.

handsome and hilarious, hayes 19 months.

the big three (please don't even think i got a little three shot).

and all six with our matriarch. like i was fun, but don't expect a group shot for at least three years.


The Walkers said...

I am loving all the christmas pictures! Miss you and your wonderful family- lets get together asap!

CathyBB said...

We're home now and excitedly checking. =) Natalie wants me to tell everyong she said "hi!"

1. You had me at the word "match."
2. Natalie says Vivian's pants are adorable.
3. We think Bauer looks SO grown up!
4. And Frances, too!
5. I love that last photo! I think I'd like to be this grandma when I grow up!

Su said...

Love these. Better than any I captured. I've given up on a family portrait for at least 4 more years as well. Hence, the Christmas card being individuals except me and SEth together.

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