Saturday, August 18, 2012

what...five & seven?!?

i don't know when it happened...but somehow time has flown by and my babies are turning 5 & 7!!! today we celebrated a bit early (back to school always makes it a bit hectic) with friends. originally, we had planned an outside pool party but last minute poor weather moved us to an indoor venue. i love this pic of these sweet sisters. :)

of course our longtime best buds trip and ruby joined us to celebrate.

and the wonderful aunt kk.

a few of miss v's sweet girl friends.

the frankiestein was super duper excited about finally being able to indulge in her pink fish cupcake.

no party is complete without the edward's.

the whole crew.

blowing out those birthday candles.

the big birthday kids and their cupcakes.

i know he is mine...but you gotta admit. he is gorgeous!

best bud aaron has been in school with bauer since they were babies.
it was a great day celebrating two of god's biggest blessing in our lives. happy early birthday sweet bauer and vivian! :)