Monday, August 20, 2012


today had a lot of firsts...

first time this little guy has ever slept later than big sister....but, no worries, he still got up in time to have his picture made with the school girl.

oh yeah....and first day of FIRST grade. words cannot describe how surreal this all is...

first grade friends (who incidentally were also kindergarten friends...hooray!)

first year for ms. akin to teach at our school. she is so nice...we are expecting a great year!

first time mommy didn't cry at first day drop off. no worries...probably just an isolated incident.

big girl first grade lunch. incidentally also first time mommy has made eyelashes with food markers (might need to practice).

first picture taken this morning. happy girl!

first breakfast of the new school year, made just for our girl by daddy.
a few other firsts that i must note for posterity: last night as vivian was getting ready for bed i asked if i could read her a special story the night before school. she sweetly smiled and replied, "no thanks, mom. i'm in first grade...i can read myself a story." wow. first knife through the heart. ;) and after tucking her in and kissing her goodnight i asked "is there anything specific you would like to pray about? any concerns you have about your first day tomorrow?" and with all the confidence of a child she calmly said "no's gonna be great!" :) first time i realized my kid had it more together than i did....and i'm sure not the last.