Saturday, September 1, 2012

january february 2012

just as this picture says...what are you lookin' at? so i've been busy. i have started a pretty successful small business venture, kept three small children alive and a husband happy. the blog has gone to the wayside. :( so here is an overview of the first few months of 2012...

frances starts the "nonono...iiiiiii do it" phase.

spent some nice cold afternoons reading with popa.
pete and repeat at the newly renovated museum of discovery.
before church one sunday...the girls getting glamorous.
fierce bauer imitating fierce dinosaur.
my life in nutshell...always behind the scenes trying to capture the moment.
thoroughly enjoying the "iiii do it" phase.
cheerleading camp with kindergarten friends.
fun ride at mod.
at cheer camp when frances first saw her big still my heart.
ohhhh frankiestein...and her love of the muck-ba (milk bottle).
LOVE these sweet sisters.
cold winter day swinging at the park.
and sliding.
daddy won TWO top awards this winter.
our teeny future nlr cheerleader. :)
the family at lowe's on a build to grow saturday (good heavens b needs a haircut!).
even in the off season this boy is a football fan.
or maybe just a fan of all the attention. ;)
i get get it!! siblings.
special treat breakfast at waffle house.
awards assembly where miss v won the principal's award. :)
super proud mommy!!
even more super proud bauer. the man LOVES a bow tie!
proud aunt kk too.
vivian testing out her art skills by drawing a lion.
classic frances.
vivian was asked to join advanced readers. this was her very first ar book!
like i said...busy....but blessed!