Wednesday, August 22, 2012

and then there were two.

this first week has required a bit of adjusting. mind you, it hasn't been on the part of the school girl...but on her siblings and myself. life just isn't the same without the v. :(

so today the littles and i decided to take a little adventure stroll through the old mill. bauer especially loved the bridge (f and i not so much).

this shot cracks me up. bauer was hunting the chupacabra in the forest...oh good heavens! you mix a nearly five year old imagination and clif's obsessions with culutral myths and i guess you get our b! ;)

he did pause, however, long enough for me to get a few sweet shots of him being kind to his baby sister.

also known as frances...or his perpetual shadow.

can you believe this beautiful old mill (a part of the national historic register) is right around the corner from our house? i couldn't help but just stroll slowly and quietly reflecting on how blessed we are to live in such a pretty little city...

and, of course, to be blessed with just a few more days of summer with my babies. :)