Saturday, September 8, 2012

soccer isn't for the weak...but it may be for the PINK!

these are our sweet pink tornado soccer girls, and today they had their first game. it was pretty interesting to say the least.  these sweet girls (who mostly have been playing for two or three years in micro) had their first big game with a real official, quarters, a goalie, and oh yeah...score keeping!
this is OUR pink tornado. :) yep, she was ready!!
ready with a little elbow action...
and to steal the ball...
 and to score a two goals!!  it wasn't long before the other team decided to change their strategy
and THIS girl came to guard vivian (or whatever the proper soccer term is).  umm...okay momma is now nervous. that girl is a FOOT taller! was a nail biting moment, bauer.

but apparently only from the sidelines...cause here she goes again...
to score two MORE goals! i was amazed! now i know this story is told from this momma's perspective, but i gotta add...all the girls (yes an all girls team) were amazing!!  we had some fabulous saves by our goalie, great hustling up and down the field, and wonderful corner kicks to teammates!  i guess i AM really looking forward to another soccer season. does this means i finally need to breakdown and learn all the rules?! ;)