Saturday, September 8, 2012

wps...little rock style

today was our first tailgate of the 2012 season. i must say for almost 7, 5, and 2.5, we did pretty well.  after much fiasco last year, i remembered to get a family picture first thing AND to remove my glasses (note to self, ask tall person to take shot so poor clif doesn't have to squat down. sigh.) 
this beautiful girl was so excited.  she helped keep up with baby sister and even shared her snacks. LOVE her! 
ohhhh the baby beast. what a ham. 
the girls and i snuck away from the sysco tent to visit a few sweet friend laura insisted on taking this picture. i'm so glad she did! :)
meanwhile...this big dude was having a blast.  i have a feeling i might be investing in one of these foam fingers soon. i have yet to hear the last about it. 
and can you believe baby beast actually smiled for the camera? no was just a fluke... 
this was the next shot.  oh, that child. she makes me as crazy as much as  i love her!
finally, we decided it was time to head home. (the kids are just too little to take to a game just yet, and dear lord it would take a small fortune to pay for a babysitter all day AND tickets for clif and i.)  we got smart this year and parked at my office. the kids were so excited that they wanted to take a picture right outside "mommy's work building". was tough, but i obliged. ;)
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