Tuesday, March 20, 2007

mondays can be good, too!

as we all know, mondays usually stink. yesterday was going to be no exception...after saturday night's "tummy" pains had turned in to monday morning's "pitocin induced contraction" pains, we decided it was time to call the doc. soon we were headed for an abdominal ultrasound, and were more than a bit freaked out (actually, i was crying and clif was a rock...funny how one of us always has it together if the other one has lost it completely.) after a quick sign in, the tech called us back. after she did the initial check of my organs (gall bladder, pancreas, liver, appendix, kidneys), she took a look at the baby. of course i was relieved when i saw the little pitter patter of the heart, and the arms and legs kicking like crazy, (whew.....truly no words to describe the relief) then came the good part. "mr. and mrs. day your baby looks great, would you like to know the sex?" clif couldn't say yes fast enough...and so she changed probes and in just a few seconds she pointed and smiled..."IT'S A BOY!"

there on the screen was our little man. of course there were more tears from me (what can i say i'm pregnant) and clif was thrilled! now that we have one of each, we can take ourselves "out of the gene pool" as clif puts it. and in case you were wondering, i am fine....braxton hicks can be a bit more painful the second time around, and after 24 hours of bed rest i feel like a new woman! just going to have to take it a little easier, because as most of you know bed rest and i DO NOT get along! ;)


CathyBB said...

Wooo hoooooooooooo! I'm so glad the bit of rest did the trick! And an official welcome to the little Mr. Day. =)

lesley said...

A lil boy-what fun that will be!!!
I can't wait to find out what our lil' one is, only 6 weeks til we can find out.
Hope you are feeling better!

Megan said...

Somer I am glad everything's ok with BABY BOY DAY!! How exciting is this?!

JuJu (Meg's Mom) said...

I am thrilled with the reality of Boy Day. I know that Griffin and 'Boy' will be great buds and have fantastic adventures as they grow up together. Vivian will have so much fun bossing those two around. They will gang up on her . . . she will have to get her bluff in early. They will also be her protectors as they grow up.

katandkarl said...


it was great to see you at the shower and i'm glad to see you updating the old bloggy blog!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Somer, I'm so happy you and baby boy are doing o.k. Congrats! (and I must say I love blogs. Who needs that 'myspace stuff' :)
-Cindy B.

Susan said...

Glad everything is good and super glad Setler Griffin is going to have a playmate so close in age! I was shocked when you called the other day and said it was a boy. I totally didn't expect to know for awhile! What a pleasant surprise stemming from the unpleasant situation. Glad you're felling better!