Saturday, March 17, 2007

the REAL susan mulhearn...

ok, so we all know that susan day mulhearn is expecting her first child, but did you know that she loved cake this much?! i have personally suspected such for years, but here is the real proof! actually this is baby setler griffin's cake from the shower saturday afternoon. (for more pics check su's blog.) it was held at the pavilion in their neighborhood....and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.
here is the present clif and i gave antique toy chest complete with cowboys and cowgirls (their theme), and of course the standard burp cloths and diapeewiapee made by yours truly. they will also get a "somer original", but that has yet to be painted. the baby isn't due until may so that gives me eight more weeks right?


lesley said...

Great pic of Susan, and I must admit,that cake was pretty darn tasty!!!
It was great to finally meet you,Somer!

Susan said...

Love the chest. It's going to look super cute in the nursery. The burp clothes were awesome as usual...especially the soccer boy one...complete with his #2 jersey, just like Mom! :) Seth and I enjoyed your and Clif's presence and presents! hehe