Tuesday, March 27, 2007

morning fun

so as clif, wisely, pointed out this morning...vivian is a morning person (unlike her parents). her newest, favorite thing to do, is play peek-a-boo under the sheets. i couldn't resist catching her in the act...look how excited she is!

unfortunately, the only real problem is when it is time to get up. she LOVES the bed and wants to use it as her personal play place. this is her ADAMANTLY telling me she "will not" get out of the bed. can you say strong willed child? i think my mother might have said something about that once or twice in reference to me! ;)


Megan said...

How many teeth does Vivian have now? She's so big. You should bring her by AB sometime. Or maybe I'll drop by your house like you suggested.

Susan said...

I'm a morning person too. Maybe she gets that from her Aunt Sus!