Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the zoo

since it has been so beautiful lately clif and i decided to take advantage of our 85 degree weather, and take vivian to the little rock zoo. we have been once before, about a year ago, when vivian was small enough to fit inside the baby bjorn. this time we thought we would take the radio flyer red wagon (a fantastic christmas gift courtesy of great mawmaw day).

vivian had other ideas...she really loved the zoo, but wanted to walk EVERYWHERE! including, but not limited to, trying to climb in to the gorilla pen! i managed to get this shot, and it pretty much sums up the between oohing and squealing at the animals she would take off like a lightning bolt, with clif close behind (doesn't she look determined?).

actually they look really cute (this is by far the best picture i got all day!).
oh, and the coolest animals were the baby gorilla and her mother. they even had a tiny human baby rattle (maybe that is why vivian wanted to climb into the pen!)
but alas vivian's favorite animals were the giraffes. the zookeeper was out feeding them their afternoon snack of carrots. we had a really great trip, and have decided to make it an annual thing...(i have last year's picture in front of the same elephant house, and i will try to post it for comparison, whenever i find it.)


CathyBB said...

I love that walk! Look at her go!

Are you putting Miracle Grow on her hair???

Susan said...

That pic is adorable. Setler and I might have to get in on these annual zoo trips starting next year. 1 year is a good starting point. Maybe we can even go check out the Memphis one! I've never been but hear it's worth the drive.