Sunday, May 4, 2008

friday fair

everybody knows about the "carnies" and the little "fair" that comes to mccain. when clif and i were dating we stopped by after dinner once and rode what i quickly nicknamed the quick-me-sick. this friday the next generation got to go for a ride.

we weren't sure how miss vivian would take to these at first (the rules for the smaller rides are no parents allowed), but she LOVED it! here she is in action!! look at her serious driving face...

and of course little bauer was so sweet, he just chilled out, like always.

then it was on to the princess horse (that was vivian's name for it). she was such a brave girl we decided to treat her to a popsicle. can you guess what color she chose? ;)


CathyBB said...

That girl is adorable, even covered in blue goo! =)

Can't wait to show the kids tomorrow morning - Natalie will loooove the "parasail" (that's what she called carousels at Vivian's age) and the boys will be MOST impressed that she's obviously even making car noises on the other ride!

And really, what can be said about Bauer that the precious picture doesn't already tell you? =)

PS Nice cameo of the mommy in the background! ;)

Susan said...

For such a precious, photogenic girl, she sure is a messy eater. Love all the posts!

Amy and David said...

I am looking forward to living the excitementof carnival rides through my kids, I just can't ride those like I used to. David and I went to the state fair last year and I rode one and was done for the night!!!