Sunday, May 4, 2008

petting zoo party

saturday was thomas lee's 2nd birthday party. it was a gorgeous day to be outside enjoying the beautiful weather, and the petting zoo in the lee's backyard (it was truly AWESOME!)

vivian thought the bunny was so cute (i thought the bunny was sedated, i CANNOT believe he let all those children hold him.)

thomas' barn cake was super cute...he is such a big boy...

and speaking of big boys...look what little bauer likes to do...stand up and check things out! (with daddy's assistance of course.)

and did i mention vivian has been exceptionally brave lately? she even let the pig eat out of her hand. it was hard to convince her to leave, but that clever aunt sissy thought of everything...she had animal crackers and books for the kids as favors to entice them out the door! thanks lee's, for a GREAT birthday bash!!


CathyBB said...

Ack! Please make that little Mr. Bauer just SLOW DOWN! Tell him CATHY is not ready for him to be doing that yet! =)

Susan said...

Wow, cool party. I might have to talk to Aunt Sissy about that and mimic her in a few years.....or by then we might have our own petting zoo, huh?
Where did that cake come from? From what I can see, it's awesome.

Amy and David said...

What a fun idea for a birthday party!!! The cake is awesome!!!