Monday, May 12, 2008

handmade, homemade happiness

what a great mother's day weekend! saturday morning, after big-girls-only coffee with addie, clif and vivian called me into the living room for the "unveiling"....
vivian painted the mat, clif framed the pictures, and bauer supervised. (while momo and gigi provided the musical accompaniment of barking!) later that night, clif made pork ribs, and beans (mmmmm....pork!). then on sunday, we all went to church and were joined by greg and joan, dad and dotdot, and granny b. afterwards, they all came back to our house for a little luncheon. when i was helping joan at the car she handed me these BEAUTIFUL roses, and said "happy mother's day!" what a great surprise! here she is on thursday when we went to lonoke. isn't she cute posing with the cherry pie i made her?!

and of course, it wouldn't be a very good post unless, there was a picture of miss vivian. here she is "helping", what a cutie! (please excuse the messy kitchen, i mean come on folks, we move in two weeks!) hope you all had a great day!


Jenny said...

happy mother's day to you! :-)

you are crazy ... do you think people will really think your kitchen is messy? you should come to our house! :-)


Susan said...

Lucky you. I didn't get roses, and I made her dinner too! Anyhow, cute present. Kid pictures are always a hit!

CathyBB said...

You HAD to know my numbered points were coming! ;)

1. Magnificent gift. Well done to the artist, the supervisor and their agent, Daddy. =)

2. PLEASE tell me that was once of your best pies. Not once in my life have I made a pie that turned out that pretty. Tasty, maybe, but never that pretty!

3. Is that more of your artwork in the kitchen?

4. And best of all, I was mentally measuring Vivian's size compared to the towel and then I noticed the embroidery - is that a Smith towel? As if I needed to get more emotional! =) Glad you had a lovely day!

Stacia said...

Handmade is the best gift =)
The pie looks marvelous.

Amy and David said...

I love your Mother's Day gift, I can't wait to get homemade stuff from Caroline!! I have already told David that info for next Mother's Day :) You deserved the very special day!!!