Friday, July 11, 2008

mother and daughter

after vivian's little trip to the doctor (she is fine), clif offered to spend some man time with bauer, so vivian and i could have some girly fun. first we went for pedicures.

vivian sat perfectly still and got to pic out both of our paint colors.

of course, she picked purple for herself, and the sweet little lady even put a sparkle butterfly on her big toe. then it was off to do a little shopping, and buy some new sandals.

for some reason we didn't want our picture made, but after a brief discussion that went something like:
mommy: what is wrong vivian?
vivian: i'm huuungry.
mommy: how about some rainbow chocolate cookies for lunch?
vivian: 'ummy, 'ummy! tank you, tank you, mommy!

how did i know that would get a smile!? ;) i love you miss vivian, i am so blessed to be your mother! thank you for our fun day!


CathyBB said...

So the last post had me laughing my head off; this one nearly has me in tears. I think you look so much like your mother in that photo with Vivian!

Glad you had such a lovely time!