Saturday, September 20, 2008

saturday night entertainment sometimes...when it is football season...i find myself a bit bored. clif REALLLLY loves football,, and i enjoy a nice game or two (a week NOT a day) but i, no mater how hard i try, cannot watch 12+ hours of tv. so i finish projects (ottoman recovered), start new ones (rearranged BOTH kids' rooms), and piddle on the computer. and, look what i came across: HILARIOUS. almost all of the 70's were great for clif. here is me in 1960 and clif in 1968*.

and clif in 1990 rocking the mullet!**

and me in 1998...not too far from the truth! check it out if you get bored...i'd love to see it!

*i find it strange how much we look like our parents in these photos. i KNOW i have seen one of my mother with this hairdo, and su, isn't this REALLY close to your dad in his wedding photo?!

**clif would like me to add a big thanks to his mother for removing him from sylvan hills, or this probably would have been what his senior pictures ACTUALLY looked like! ;)


CathyBB said...

I. Am. So. There!!!!! LOVE it! We just got back from some friends' party and have to scrub their lawn off six small knees... but I am definitely doing this later tonight! =)

Susan said...

Fun stuff. If I get time later, I'll play with that too! I'd love to see Seth rocking the mullet. Actually, he did have a rat tail at one point as a small child. Yeah, make it a bit lighter, and the hair does resemble Dad's circa 1972.

Stephanie Reeves said...

Hil-arious!! i will have to check that out later. For now I must stop playing on the computer and get on the elliptical machine before i talk myself out of it...... Vivian is just now getting her first donut? Please stop abusing your children!! Goodness!!