Thursday, November 27, 2008

giving thanks

really....really sleepy. certainly it isn't due to the excessive amount of overeating...
unable to type full sentences...will have to make due with a few pictures. didn't take too many...i mean come on people...FOOOOD goooood!!!!

vivian enjoying her special feast.

baby nicholas enjoying an after dinner drink (of juice).

the ONLY picture of bauer (just for the record his first "real food" thanksgiving consisted of three pieces of turkey, two helpings of dressing, a helping of sweet potato souffle, green bean casserole, cranberry chutney, and a piece of cake...oh and two tangerines from grandad griffin's tree! i know i am still so full i can hardly type it without feeling sick).

the only picture i was able to capture all four of the next generation of days (minus setler...we missed you guys). please don't ask me why it is from the backside...did i mention the fooood and my inability to say no to dressing? hope each of you had a wonderful day, and i wish each of you a speedy recovery from your food comas. :)

*oh yeah, i changed the blog colors, this is my first attempt at christmas decorating this year. i REFUSE to do it before thanksgiving...why should such a great holiday be overrun...there is plenty of time for BOTH. sheesh target...quit with the pressure already!! ;)


The Walkers said...

No, Hobby Lobby is worse than Target! I went yesterday to buy some "bling" for my tree. I was imagining beautiful gold or lime green sparkling picks or ornaments, and there was seriously, nothing good left. I asked the girl working and she actually said to me "Well, those have been out since, like, September" meaning I was shopping too late. SERIOUSLY!?!?!

Stacia said...

I love Vivian's smocked dress. Happy Thanksgiving!