Thursday, November 27, 2008

naval aviation museum

yesterday we were able to visit the pensacola naval base, and the museum there. it was a really cool, enormous place, with TONS of airplanes. seriously folks, prepare yourself for A LOT of airplane pics...

vivian and mommy's first flight.
first solo mission for miss vivian (actually, one of my favorite parts. they had about twenty simulators in this one room, and vivian wanted her picture made in ALL of them!)
dueling pilots.
the underwater, plane portion...complete with submarine doors (very neat).

daddy and his little gunner helpers. this was one of the things my grandad bauer did on his ship, while in the navy in ww II.
second solo mission.

a much more appropriately sized aircraft ;)
we are so good at flying now, we don't even need both hands on the steering column..we just hang out and wave at our adoring fans.
i tried to get a good shot of some of the planes...but this does NOT do it justice. just go if you get the chance.

the boys.
and on the way home we made a quick stop by the griffins.
we tried to get a good shot...but alas this is the best...maybe better luck next time.
today is thanksgiving, so we are having lots of family time. vivian finally got to meet one of the next generation of days, alyssa. but the food is now calling i can't be bothered at this computer anymore...i mean it is FOOOOOOD!!!!!!! :)


CathyBB said...

Holy cow, you've been a blogging fiend! That's okay by me - I LOVE it!

I'm now awaiting an email telling me where to view the cool new family photo shoot!!! The little pictures look GOOD.

PS Nats loves Vivian's hair! ;)

Susan said...

Cool! Have I ever been to this museum? If so, I was little and don't remember. Way to fit some history/educational moments into the trip.