Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the griffin's

we are so lucky that the kids have TWO great grandparents (and that they live in neighboring towns). today we were off to see great pawpaw griffin and sweet miss sybill.

they have a great backyard for little boys to explore in...

and the most beautiful (and completely loaded) tangerine tree i have ever seen!

this was bauer and the griffins first meeting....i think it went pretty well! ;)

unfortunately to ever good trip a little bad must fall....the reason there are no pictures of miss vivian with the griffins is because she got sick (you know...the pukes). so instead she got to come home and spend the afternoon watching movies in her pj's....wait....that sounds like the PERFECT vacation to me! :) she is much better today (some fever last night), but who wouldn't be with grandparent-lovin' for medicine!!


Stacia said...

Mr. B reminds me so much of Jacob in his plaid. Jacob had a shirt almost identical!
We are going to visit your church soon thanks to a referal srom Susan =)

CathyBB said...

Whew, glad Miss V. is better! I've been blogging a Thanksgiving retrospective (hide your surprise!) and we had one baaaad "sick" Thanksgiving. I hope you're all safe from germs now!

Susan said...

Ohhhhh, I wish we had packed up and joined ya'll afterall! Looks like fun. Tell everyone I said, "Hello!" and give out lots of hugs! Dad looks scary in that pic. Glad Vivian and Mom are feeling better.