Sunday, November 1, 2009

miss whit-a-ney

i cannot begin to tell you how much i love calling this very talented woman friend. not only is she a super-calm-during-the-storm inspiration, a kicky booty mother, and the kind of christian who LIVES her faith (not just preaches it)....she is also an amazing photographer!

and it is that time of year again when i dazzle her with my beautiful, brown eyed children, and she very happily agrees to a little session. i assure you this is just a preview of her amazing talents.

vivian.....searching for miss whitaney's famous butterflies.

and a little family time. seriously, check her you won't be sorry.


katandkarl said...

those are SO sweet!

CathyBB said...

I thought you said you had a CURRENT picture of Bauer on this post... but that shot MUST be Bauer circa 2011 via some age-enhancing software or something. It MUST be. ;)

Har har har. I'd be even more amusing with my commentary if I wasn't so choked up by the family photo. It's a fabulous image - and not only do I feel you must have been thinking of ME, in that you each have a very tight grip on the children, being so close to WATER and all ;)- but you look so like your mom to me in this picture!

Seriously, fabulous photos! =)

Sarah. said...

love the baby bump!!!!! (and the darker hair!)

CathyBB said...

The kids have now had a chance to see the pictures. Natalie wants you to know she is so happy that Vivian's head looks SO good. And when I thought I could get some sympathy from Luke by asking how little Bauer could be SO big already, he told me, "Mom, kids that age just grow like crazy!" =)

Susan said...

So good! These for the Christmas cards? I SOOO gotta call Whitney! Maybe after little bit is born!