Wednesday, January 6, 2010

cabin fever

yep, we've got it. and we've got it baaaad. it is SO unbelievably cold here (or at least for us southerners) that we really haven't gotten out much. at first i thought it was just affecting me...but then i saw this.

hmmmm....apparently even new christmas toys can't entertain the kids. they've resorted to plastic bin hats. never fear, gege was here for a quick visit...

and that cheered them right up!

she even stayed to help us celebrate my birthday with a little birthday lunch.

but because the weather is due to get worse, and pawpaw has the flu she decided to head back to tn, and by day's end....this is what we saw. in her defense dance has been out for two weeks due to holiday break, and i guess she missed it more than i realized...but over your fleece pjs? really?!

so today i bit the bullet, and dressed the kids in multiple layers and decided to take the mustang (or as bauer calls it "my mutt-tang, my mutt-tang") for a little jaunt around the block.

i was freezing, but the kids were good. they even spent some time rolling down the hill...

and, of course, posing for pictures. :)

but after 45 minutes i knew we needed to head indoors. they were reluctant (and tried to make a great escape in their hot rod), but agreed once i promised hot cookies fresh from the oven, and hot cocoa. as i was preparing my aforementioned bribe they were cuddling on the couch, and when i walked in THIS is what i found:

i hope this isn't an outward sign that the "fever" is getting worse! ;)


CathyBB said...

I am LOVING this 2010 and may call it "The Year of the Posts" if this keeps up! I am totally in favor of one photo per degree... just think of the summer! ;)

Of course using this method, I guess right now we'd be SUBTRACTING photos with our continued below-zeros. So there goes that plan.

I was going to tell you that my kids were jealous of the Mutt-tang but the truth is, III am jealous! Wouldn't you just love to be driving that car? =)

Your cabin fever looks like WAY more fun than our cabin fever! It looks like we live in a snow globe right now. I am predicting no school for BOTH tomorrow and Friday so we may try out some of your activities! ;)

The Walkers said...

Hey Sweet Day Fam! Hopefully we can swing a playdate soon. Sydney really needs to ride in that car! And I need to soak up as much of "Somer" as I can with these cold temps. Pun intended. Har Har Har.