Saturday, January 30, 2010

snow...or that's what we call it.

more accurately it was about 1/4" of snow covering two to three inches of ice...BUT some people didn't seem to mind!! ;)

i CANNOT believe we own a sled...but we do. i think the last time we used it was in 2007, but i digress...i CAN believe this is the one scenario where our otherwise too enormous hill is the perfect place to live!

and you can believe the kids were loving every minute of it.

and so was this big kid...aka the KING of the sled!!

pictured here with his favorite princess. BUT, after about 45 minutes the queen, overly pregnant (and afraid i was going to slip and kill myself, my unborn child, and the two little ones whose hands i was holding on to for dear life) decided we had enough...and inside we came to enjoy a hot lunch around a warm toasty fire.

on a side note, when you live in the good ol' south and snow\ice storms aren't part of your everyday life, you don't always own all the proper "gear". sometimes you just gotta make due....hence: bauer's girly long johns aka vivian's old tights. ;)


Whitney said...

the sight of your bundled up kiddos makes me smile. we miss you guys!

Tommy said...

And to think I was jealous your kids were playing outside in those soccer photos! ;)

Looks like they had a blast - especially that big kid!

- MRS. Tommy (aka too lazy to log out as him and re-log in as me!)

Susan said...

Setler's pjs doubled as "long johns" the other day. He'd have gone out naked though. Seriously, he doesn't care.