Tuesday, January 26, 2010

special day

for some time vivian has been asking for a mother-daughter day. one where bauer goes to school, she skips, and we have a day filled with frivolous fun. the closer we get to our new arrival, the more i realize days like those are numbered, so i agreed. last night as i lay in bed and envisioned tea and cakes, pedicures and hairbows...the more i realized that it was now or never. when vivian woke up i told her today she would stay home, and we would have our "special day". she was elated...but when she asked what i had planned i froze. instead i said, "i promise we will do whatever it is you want." "goody, goody, GOODY!! can we eat lunch at larry's pizza?" "ummm, ok, if that's what you want."

and so we did. and look how happy it made my sweet girl. we also signed up for soccer, returned and checked out library books, and bought soccer gear. nothing fancy, nothing over-the-top, but definitely a day i will remember forever. for example: every time we would try on a piece of soccer equipment she would say, "mom, soccer is about being fast. can i test these?" then she would run about twenty feet from me, turn around, and run back. then give the verdict, "nope these are just medium fast." or "yep, these are REAL fast." also, it was possibly the greatest lunch time conversation i have ever had. we talked about grandma carolyn, the new baby, soccer, stranger danger, and heaven. ;) that's a lot to cover in an hour! the truth is, it wasn't what i envisioned at all...sending me to pick out cleats is like sending clif to pick out lipstick. but somehow, it was just what i needed...and wanted...a very special day with my girl.


CathyBB said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me! =)