Tuesday, January 26, 2010

soccer mom?

as i mentioned before, i know NOTHING about soccer, but today i wadded through the aisles of the sports store trying out shin guards and cleats. (ok so i called the mother-n-law AND susan, but i got it done!)

when we got home from picking up bauer at school vivian was ready to gear up and practice. (no, i have NO idea what bauer is looking at in this picture, but that face it hysterical!)

when daddy got home, we were already in action in the neighbor's front yard.

bauer even practiced his sport of choice: golf.

..or is that hockey?!

and look at our girl go!!

right before we came in, vivian asked me to "take a picture like her daddy". when i asked her what she meant, she said, "you know mommy, daddy's soccer pose!" :)


CathyBB said...

I love these kids! Bauer's face is hilarious in that first picture. It's like he knows how much YOU know about soccer! ;) And he definitely looks like he knows his way around a golf course in those other pics!

And Miss Vivian! I know absolutely NOTHING about soccer but I feel very safe in saying that is the most ADORABLE soccer girl in the history of the world, don't you think?!?!? Oh, that posed photo is PRECIOUS! Slam dunk! Oh wait... that's my sport, sorry. ;) When it comes to soccer I'm afraid the only thing I could help you with is the cute hairdos!

Susan said...

Words can't express my pride right now! Good job. Is Clif coaching? Please let me know when games are so we can come watch and cheer!