Friday, March 11, 2011


i am afraid that....
*i have been working a bit too much.
*i decided on sunday it would be great to have a garage sale in FOUR days! (what?!)
*i remember why i have a love\hate relationship with spring soccer.
*i have developed insomnia.
*i CANNOT believe frances will be one in less than a month
*i almost forgot my wedding anniversary.
*i am a bit overwhelmed.
yep, i am afraid that's all true. feels better getting it all out.

now...i KNOW...
*work will start to slow soon, because summer is steadily approaching.
*the sale was a great success, we made way more than i expected, AND it is all gone!!
*i love becoming a soccer mom (i never expected this), and i love watching my husband, possibly the best soccer coach ever!
*when you are up at 3am you have lots of time to pray, and catch up on dvr'd shows.
*i am amazingly blessed with yet another beautiful, happy child. praise God.
*my husband remembered, and gave me the best homemade gift ever.
*this too shall pass.
yep...i feel much better. thanks. :)


CathyBB said...

Woo hoo! An update! And a lovely one, too. I feel your pain!

The only bad part is that those Smith woman genes (to be called SWGs from here on out) will kick in as soon as it DOES pass, and THEN we'll miss it. ;)

Su said...

I can't wait for Set & B to play soccer together this Fall. PLEASE don't let me miss sign-up!