Saturday, December 31, 2011


on the 28th the cousins arrived and after an amazing christmas meal complete with joan's yummy dressing and turkey, the unwrapping commenced. bauer was pretty pumped to have "matching dude shirts" with setler.

but possibly even more exciting was vivian's new lalaloopsy silly hair!!

hayes man, always easy to please, was content with eating his wrapping paper. sweet silly boy.

and miss v was kind enough to help frances unwrap her gifts.

which included pretty earrings (for future pierced ears) and a sweet baby giraffe doll.

afterwards the kids all lined up for pictures with their everyone looking? it MUST be a christmas miracle!!!

oh wait...picture time is over...this is the classic mother-take-my-picture-in-a-hurry-so-i-can-play-with-my-toy-now smile.


CathyBB said...

That is a really good six-kid photo! =)

Su said...

yes it is

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